Welcome Visionary Entrepeneurs… Fiery Women, Heart-Centered Coaches, Healers, Messengers, Global Thought Leaders and Change Agents on a Mission!

Launch a Succulent Business Design that sets you on an inevitable trajectory towards the work you, and only you were born to do, your destiny path?

Design an Enchanting Marketing Message that speaks directly to your Divine Right Clients, so you build a list and magnetize as many clients as you want?

Ignite Genuine Courage and Confidence to step boldly into visibility so you can share your gifts AND have a blast while doing it?

Engage in Smokin’ Hot Authentic Sales that feels like deep listening and heartfelt sharing and kindles your passion so much you can’t help but to do it?

Blaze a New Trail with your Prosperous Heart-based Business doing your pioneering work and getting paid what you’re worth?

If you’ve found your way to this page,  it is because YOU have a big mission on this earth and incredible gift and talents to offer, but you’re feeling stuck about the business part of things.

You have huge power and big energy  that you hide, and maybe even push down because you can be too much for people, OR you don’t show your true (and, amazing) self because you think you are not enough, bad, not safe, or maybe even crazy.

These are all lies that so many of us women tell ourselves, and I am here to put a stop to these lies! 

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You want to start your business, OR you’ve started and you’re not getting the results want
  • You’re committed to growing your business, but you’re feeling confused and frustrated about how to get started
  • You want to powerfully transform lives, but you agonize about whether you can make money doing it
  • You’ve got a creative biz, but you’re not sure about the whole marketing/strategy piece
  • You are sick of swimming in confusion and it’s time to really get clarity on your mission and business plan so you can share what’s lighting you up inside
  • You are ready to take your big leap and you want someone to help you magnetize clients, money, and success

My name is Leela Somaya.

I am deeply committed to helping you manifest a totally succulent and thriving business that’s full of clients you adore, lots of money, and the awesome feeling of having your gifts and talents be received.  That rocks, by the way.

A part of you trusts that there is a path to feeling fulfilled, being taken care of financially and having the business you dream of.  Another part of you fears and doubts whether it will ever happen and almost doesn’t even believe it is possible.

I appreciate the conflict between trusting in your purpose and fear of failing financially.   I know what it takes to create and grow a business. I’ve left my cushy, high paying law and business career and I took the same leap of faith that you are taking now.

I understand all the roadblocks that you’re coming up against, and I know how courageous you are.  I would love to make this SO much easier for you than it was for me, and save you the struggles that I experienced.

I have so much training, experience, and business know-how that I am so excited to pass on to you.  I’m on a mission to help you let go of that which no longer serves, transmute your pain and fear into positive energy, and experience your most powerful self through the vehicle of your heart-based business.

So if you’re feeling something inside of you wants to grow…you dream of being bigger, bolder and more passionate about your business and life…let’s talk!

What would it be like if you could …

  • Get crystal clear on your life purpose and mission, and the perfect business to help you fulfill it
  • Build inspired accountability, structure and time management skills so you can get more done with ease and flow
  • Use the energy of fear and challenge to move towards positive change, getting back into your radiant feminine power quickly
  • Engage in authentic, yummy, networking techniques that will help you to build your tribe because you’ll magnetize people that want to support you and send clients to you
  • Really learned to trust yourself, your guidance, and your intuition?  And, have fun with all the new things that happen when you are in the zone
  • Build a succulent business model and action plan so that you know exactly what to do and when for the most profitable results AND have a blast while doing it
  • Create a marketing message and plan that speaks directly to your divine right clients, so you meet the juicy financial goals in your business plan and have an abundance of business coming your way


Enter your information in the box to the right for access to the Evolutionary Goddesspreneur Starter Kit, which will get you started on this amazing journey!

I’m standing with you and for you in creating your succulent, thriving business.

Radiance and Courage,
Leela Somaya
Evolutionary Business Strategist, Spiritual Lawyer and Transformative Coach