What is an Evolutionary Goddesspreneur?
What is Succulent Business?
What’s different about succulent business planning?

What is an Evolutionary Goddesspreneur?

Let’s address the Evolutionary part first …

You’re an evolutionary in life and in your emerging business… You know it because you spend a lot of time thinking about how to evolve yourself and how to make the world a better place through your evolutionary business (perhaps you have started this business already, or perhaps it is a glimmer of a dream at this stage).

You sense that we are at a critical junction in the unfolding of our human story, and you feel called to participate and make a huge contribution by creating an evolutionary business that will shift humanity in a better direction.

You sense a deeper calling on your life, a calling that comes from deep inside of you.  You are on a mission.  You deeply care about humanity and about the evolution of consciousness AND you are ready to play your role in the global shift that is occurring in 2012.  You can feel the energy speeding up and moving through you.

If you’re like most evolutionary goddesspreneurs, chances are you also feel a bit overwhelmed by the task at hand. You sense that there is something much bigger calling for your participation. Yet, you may not yet know what exactly that calling is, you may never have imagined yourself to be an entrepreneur in the first place, and you may be confused as to how to turn that calling into a viable business.

You’ve realized that the world doesn’t just need more businesses that make lots of money, but don’t have a deeper purpose. The world needs evolutionary entrepreneurs who have evolved themselves to the point that they’re capable of serving and guiding the process of conscious business emergence.

You know you’re called to be one of these people. You have two main questions:

You wonder where can you get the specific training you need to create a succulent and evolutionary business?

And, you wonder where can you find a supportive community of kindred goddesspreneurs who are committed to living life on the same level as you are.  

Here!  You’re in the right place and you have found your tribe.

I’ve never heard of a Goddesspreneur? What’s that?

I made this word up because I wanted find a word that brings the co-creative feminine to entrepreneurship, that infuses business with the joy, flow, and ease that are commonly associated with the feminine.  By feminine, I don’t mean just women … every human has both a feminine side and a masculine side, a yin and a yang.

I used the word Goddess instead of the word feminine because I love the power that the word Goddess invokes.  There is a Goddess inside every woman, and when we step into our inner Goddess and run our businesses from there, we will truly have the power to make the difference humanity needs us to make.

It is my mission to put more money in the hands of women like you because I know you’ll do great things with it, the things that are needed to shift the trajectory of humanity.

In using the word Goddess, I want to invoke the strength and power of the archetypes of the Divine Feminine to uplift women entrepreneurs on a mission to change the world.

What is Succulent Business and Succulent Business Planning?

If you are reading this, then you may be wondering what I mean when I say succulent business … it sounds so “different” …

It is different! It means a business that is really juicy and fun for you, feeds your soul at a deep level, and is a huge contribution to those you serve. It is a business based on the pure, natural, enchanting essence that is you at your core. It is what I think business should be and have always wanted it to be.

At the level of our essence, we are all delightful, radiant, and succulent. We were born that way. As we release the parts of us that no longer serve, we find that delicious part of ourselves again and can express it in our business. And, the more we do this, the easier business becomes.

When you create your business from this enchanting part of you, it leads to easy, authentic, fun sales and marketing … the clients are all there and you will magnetize them just by being yourself ! How fun is that? Yay!

When you have a succulent business, you will experience, ease, flow and co-creativity with all the pieces of business that used to confuse you or you would have the money to hire someone else to do the parts that are not your sweet spot.

Can you imagine having more time, more money and more freedom running a business that you just love?

Sounds succulent to me. That’s what I am experiencing. I want that for you too.

Getting into greater alignment with who I am brought me to a place of embodying my succulent self.

It is magnetic … there is so much value in trusting your own alignment and allowing yourself to use some of these words in your marketing copy, like I am doing right here.

You have the same magnetism inside you.

You may be wondering how this works … it all sounds too easy and too good to be true. If you haven’t already, click here to go back to the home page where you can download my free eBook which will teach you more about the basics of succulent business.

What’s different about succulent business planning?

It begins with what is going on inside of you and is centered on what you are here to do. Once we get clear on these pieces, marketing and sales becomes easy, and putting the other needed business structures in place is also much easier.

When you come from your radiant essence, it infused flow, joy, and ease into most, if not all, business activity that is necessary to fufill on this deeper calling, this deeper sense of mission.

To find out more information about the Succulent Business Planning process, check out the eBook which lays things out in an easy, step-by-step plan.